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Watch Rare Sends of Maniac 5.13d in New England

The first ascent was in 1984 by stuntman and climber Dan Goodwin

Maniac is a 5.13d established in 1984 that has only repeated four times since, it’s nestled into cliffs above the Atlantic Ocean. At the time of the route’s inception it was one of the only sport climbing routes in the country and achieved a grade making it among the most difficult in the world.

In years since , many routes have been established throughout the country, but the list of climbers to successfully send Maniac just outside the sleepy town of Lubec, Maine, is small and includes names like Alex Honnold and Hazel Findlay. Watch as New England-based climbers Michael Larson and Jay Conway add their names to the list.

The first ascent of Maniac was by Dan Goodwin, who established a number of hard routes throughout the country and became famous for climbing buildings like the CN Tower. In 2014, Goodwin made the longest lead on a single rope when he climbed 432 feet up the Telephonic Building in Santiago, Chile with a specially made 500-foot rope.