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Watch Robbie Phillips Solo that Splitter Bridge Crack

After making the first ascent with a rope, he returns for the solo

Robbie Phillips returns to the perfect splitter hand crack under the bridge in Edinburgh, Scotland, that he made the first ascent of.

For his second lap, the Scottish climber “channels his inner Alex Honnold to prove his climbing skills.” But does he have the strength and technique to do it or will he take the plunge into the river?

Phillips is known for his big wall ascents around the world, including El Niño 5.13, Goldengate 5.13 and Pre Muir 5.13, all on El Capitan.

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When you climb with a rope, it’s a lot more relaxing… Something about knowing that if you really wanted to, you could just grab a cam and sit on the rope without any consequences… ⠀ But when you’re soloing, that safety net is gone! On the bridge solo, I wasn’t risking my life (unless I caught something from the water ?), but strangely that same anxiety that I get when Free Soloing higher climbs was there. A little bit of uneasiness as I knew that I couldn’t just shout to my belayer “TAKE!!!” and return to the ledge… it was either climb this thing, or take the cold murky plunge ? ? ?‍♂️ ⠀ To watch the film ? go check out our YouTube channel ? New videos every Monday, so be sure and Subscribe ? if you want to keep notified on them ? ⠀ ?: @seanbellphoto ⠀ #BridgeClimb #Edinburgh #Scotland #FreeSolo #DWS #Bouldering #Climbing #CrackClimb #CrackIsBack #climbingmemes #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climbing_is_my_passion #climbinggym #rockclimbing #rockclimber #rockclimb #rockclimbinglife #boulderinglife #boulderinggym #boulderingproblems

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Bridge Crack Solo