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Watch Rockies Climbing with Tough Maxim Platinum Rope

Gripped editor Brandon Pullan took the new Maxim Platinum 9.8mm x 70m Dry Rope up a number of routes in the Canadian Rockies this summer.

It’s the first dynamic climbing rope on the market with a permanent connection between core and sheath. It glides easily through quickdraws and is extremely durable. Highly recommended.

One of the best features is the tracer colour that is woven through the rope that changes at the midpoint. The increased number of red tracers near the end of the rope mean you’re reaching the end of your rappel.

You can really feel the permanent connection between core and sheath, which boosts durability and prevents slippage. There was minimal drag which made it a great rope for climbing sport, trad and developing new routes.

Tested on alpine, sport climbs and steep multi-pitches over six months and it’s still going strong with no sign of wear and no colour change. Highly recommended.

List of clips in the below video:
Clip 1: Cory Rogans on Soft Moth 5.9 on Ha Ling
Clip 2: Cory Rogans on the first ascent of Scurvy 5.10b on Ship’s Prow
Clip 3: Marina Neilson on Kain Route 5.7 on Mount Louis
Clip 4: Adam Campbell on the first ascent of Homage to the Warden 5.5 on Mount Rundle
Clip 5: Savannah Manning on the first ascent of Tennessee Bushwhackn’ 5.9 on Mount McGillivray
Clip 6: Savannah Manning taking a whip on Hot Doggin’ It 5.12c on Yamnuska
Clip 7: Cory Rogans on Yeti Buttress 5.10c in Cougar Creek
Clip 8: Smokey skies above the Bow River in Canmore

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