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Watch Sarah Hueniken Climb Rainbow Serpent WI6

Sarah Hueniken is based in the Canadian Rockies and is one of Canada’s leading winter climbers.

In this short film by Canmore-based videographer Craig Hall, Hueniken opens up about more than just climbing.

She ropes up with her friend Magda for some steep ice climbing on Rainbow Serpent WI6 in the Ghost near Calgary.

Last year at this time I made the goal to climb 13c at 43. Nothing in terms of climbing standards today, but a new height for me and It had a good ring to it😆. This didn’t happen… but I’ll take 13c at 44 😁! 45 meters of Buffet Royale limestone that kicked my butt, had me questioning my mental fortitude and sanity, gave me small successes, then spat me off again the next day out, had me using up all my good friends belay juju, changing my guiding schedule to allow for another try, and made me neurotic about weather forecasts and finger skin. I’ve been climbing for over 22 years and when I hung the slings up last fall, on this two pitch classic line, I thought I was only teasing myself. I often felt like a poser on the route. Pretending to try but not really seeing it through. Climbing is a selfish endeavour for sure, but it’s remarkable how important the community within it is. I look back at all the days trying this route and remember most the awesome people I got to spend the day with, that encouraged, motivated and inspired. Not a day wasted and not a day or a failed attempt I would take back❤️❤️❤️. Thanks for the final catch and your quick and impressive send @echoclimbing ! 📸@realwillgadd @outdoorresearch @scarpana @sterlingrope @petzl_official @1hotchillys

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