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Watch Sean McColl’s Wild Moves in Vail 2016

Watch Sean McColl’s insane moves on men’s problem three of Finals at the 2016 IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Vail, Colorado during the GoPro Mountain Games.

McColl came close to topping the problem on his next attempt, but fell with his fingers inches from the finish hold. He placed sixth overall.

McColl will be competing at the 2017 Vail World Cup. The day before the event started, he said, “Vail world cup starts tomorrow. Definitely a good one on the circuit as it is the only one in North America.

“I learned a lot yesterday about Olympic athletes; they have similar thought processes to that of mine, they train hard but methodically and follow strict periodization cycles.

“It was also really interesting seeing the specific things certain sports train. Climbing for example is a lot of finger strength, forearm endurance and problem solving in 3D environments.”