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Watch Solveig Korherr Climb Titan 5.14a

Jon Shen releases a new video documenting rare ascents in Lion's Head including Titan 5.14a

Photo by: Jon Shen

In these last months, Solveig Korherr tore through North America. The German climber began an incredible fall climbing her first 5.14d in August. She continued her season on Titan 5.14a in Lion’s Head, Ontario.

Korherr climbed with local and foreign climbers ascending many Georgian Bay classics. In the end, her focus shifted toward Titan. Sonnie Trotter established the 35-metre 5.14a as Ontario’s first of the grade. It blazed a path for people like Joe Skopec and a host of other strong climbers. It showed that Ontario limestone had potential.

Jon Shen

Despite Titan’s numerous ascents, finding footage of the famous climb is difficult. In February, photographer and videographer Jon Shen released the first footage of the climb to YouTube. The short video followed Nick Carroll up the route and provided  a picturesque description of Ontario limestone.

Shen’s most recent project goes beyond his first with a mid 2000s-style sport climbing tape. The 30-minute video screens challenging, rarely recorded 5.13 and 5.14 sport routes. The crown jewel of the film is Korherr’s ascent of Titan 5.14a which describes a technical style of outdoor rock climbing.

Although Korherr’s ascent will be most interesting for shorter climbers that hope to move through the technical face, the film’s inclusion of Lion’s Head Express 5.14a further solidifies the video as part of the Lion’s Head canon. We have never seen footage of this Georgian Bay test-piece.

The film follows Solveig Korherr, Jack Szumilas, Greg Williamson, Vasyl Dorofeichuk, Selene Ma on several other classic lines as well, providing a full-bodied sampler to Ontario’s favourite sport area.

It opens with The Man in Me, a technical 5.13d to the left of Titan and another rarely shot route. The 35m endurance test piece was first put up by Daniel Martian, a long-term developer of the area and has since earned favour in the Ontario climbing community.

The climbers also ascend Coeur do Lion 5.13a and Thor from the Floor 5.13a fleshing out this harder footage with slightly more approachable routes.

Lion’s Head 2021

Lead photo: Jon Shen