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Watch Stefano Ghisolfi Attempt Dreamcatcher Between Rain

West Coast coach and climber Christian Core captured Stefano Ghisolfi attempting Dreamcatcher 5.14d. Watch below by clicking on the clip.

Stefano Ghisolfi tries Dreamcatcher between the rain and the sun. @steghiso

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Dreamcatcher has had only five ascents to date. The first was by Chris Sharma in 2005, then by Sean McColl in 2009, then Ben Harnden in 2012, Alex Megos in 2016 and finally by Mike Foley in the summer of 2017.

Ghisolfi is one of the world’s leading climbers and one of the few to climb a 5.15b, and the first Italian. He made the first ascent of Lapsus 5.15b in Italy in 2015 and repeated First Round, First Minute 5.15b in Spain in 2017.

He has placed first at a number of World Cups, including Xiamen in 2016 and Wujiang in 2014.

Dreamcatcher was also attempted by top climber Adam Ondra in 2015. Both climbers had to deal with wet and muggy conditions. Neither has climbed it yet.

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