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Watch Honnold and Wright Send Hard Routes in Africa

Watch Alex Honnold, Cedar Wright and Maury Birdwell travel to Kenya to climb hard routes.

They make the first one day ascent of Mount Poi in a shade-seeking push before sending a new 5.12d and the first route up the Cat.


Honnold and Wright then head to Mount Kenya and reach the second highest point in Africa.

Honnold gets hit with altitude illness and vomits his way to the summit. In true sufferfest style, the two stars of the original Sufferfest films reunite for this hilarious adventurer

Mount Poi is a monolithic mountain with walls up to 700 metres. It is difficult to get to, has choss, big run outs, delicate holds and broken bolts.

Alex Honnold is currently in Yosemite with Canadian Sonnie Trotter attempting to free a classic old aid route.

After 3 days of horrific run-outs, bolting from hooks with decking potential, and at times climbing on stacks of teetering blocks that I trundled into the abyss after climbing past, @maurybirdwell and I topped out on our new route The Samburu Direct with zero bolts left!!!. The fifth 12+ pitch is the spectacular sport climbing reward for all the mixed trad gnar below. @alexhonnold pictured here repeated the route as I filmed for our upcoming short film for @thenorthface … I knew it was properly hard when he actually made a couple try hard noises and on pitch 4, and when asked how it was going replied, "I'm just trying not to die up here!" Later he said he hadn't placed a nest of equalized gear since His trip to the Gritstone 8 years ago. High praise from one of the best! @tay.keating @tedhesser @goalzero @bobbyneptune

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