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Watch Takakkaw Falls Ice Climb Ascent

Takakkaw Falls is one of Canada’s highest waterfalls and is located in Yoho National Park in B.C. First climbed by Jack Firth, Bugs McKeith, John Lauchlan and Rob Wood in 1974 and freed without aiding on ice tools by Duncan Ferguson and Dave Wright 1977, it’s rarely climbed in winter.

“Remote and rarely climbed, Takakkaw Falls is a Rockies’ classic,” top ice climber Dave Rone said.

“Due to the high volume of water flowing under the ice, however, ice conditions can be sketchy, be careful. Good skiers/climbers can do the route car-to-car in a day, the rest of us will bivy at/near an open cook shelter another kilometer past the parking lot.”

Takakkaw Falls