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Watch The Quarryman Film About Classic Hard Grit Route

The Quarrymen is a new film by Neil Hart that focuses on The Quarryman climb in the slate quarries above Llanberis in North Wales.

The film starts James Pearson and the first climber to send it, Johnny Dawes. The 1987 first ascent of the E8 7a (basically 5.12R) was an historical ascent, which has been repeated a number of times, including by Pearson and Pearson’s partner Caroline Ciavaldini, who made the first female ascent in 2018.

The groove pitch of the Quarryman In a few years, when I think of the day I did the Quarryman with James belaying me, I will remember this crazy moment where, hands pushing both sides of a glass like groove, I was trying to turn my body around. I nearly did it, realised my shoulder was so much behind my back that I wouldn’t be able to rotate any further, and let go of that hand… fell about 30cm, and stopped, my foot on one side, my ass on the other side… In a million tries, I would never be able to reproduce such a movement. It all went wrong, I should have fallen, but somehow, I didn’t. It took me a few seconds to realise where I was, and I heard James yelling “come on Caro, you can do it, keep on going”… and started moving back up. Trust your luck, It’ll happen. @thenorthfaceuk @thenorthface_climb @lasportivagram @wildcountry_official @gloryfy #climbing_pictures_of_instagram # groove #quarrywoman #neverstopexploring #pureclimbing #grimpeuses Thanks @rikyfelderer and La Sportiva dire this great picture!

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The Quarryman