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Watch Tim Emmett Send New B.C. 5.14 Apnea

And learn about the remote ocean-side climbing on Anvil Island

Top Squamish climber Tim Emmett has released a video about his first ascent of Apnea 5.14 on Anvil Island in the Howe Sound between Vancouver and Squamish.

“After years of effort, months of filming and editing, our film about my new route Apnea 5.14 and the development of climbing on Anvil Island with Trevor McDonald, Jimmy Martinello,” said Emmett.

Apnea is a big granite sport line that has a low crux, some big roof moves and a sequence that Emmett said is one of his favourite ever. Enjoy this short film that will get you stoked for rock in spring.

B.C. crusher Ben Harnden, who’s repeated Cobra Crack 5.14 and Dreamcatcher 5.14d, repeated Apnea on his first go.

Apena 5.14