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Watch Video of Major El Capitan Rockfall Day One

During the end of September, a number of major rockfalls crashed the forest below El Capitan in Yosemite.

A 2017 Yosemite Rockfall off El Capitan. Photo Pete Zabrok

Canadian Pete Zabrok was on the climb, known as the Waterfall Route, where the big rocks fell from.

“This was Rockfall number five and six from day one,” said Zabrok. “Remember, this was the ‘small’ rockfall.

“The rescue and recovery efforts had been completed by this point. I was pretty gripped, for sure, and incredibly thankful to still be alive.

“We had climbed directly under this rockfall for the preceding five or six days, and but for the infinite mercy of God [or at least 24 hours’ worth of mercy] I’d be singin’ in the heavenly choir, rather than on my portaledge.”

Watch the big rockfalls below. Warning: offensive language.

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