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Wildfire Threatens Skaha, Climbers Advised to Avoid Area (Updated)

The fire is growing quickly and residents are being evacuated

There’s a big wildfire near Penticton and over 300 homes have been advised to evacuate. Along with residents, climbers are being told to avoid climbing right now.

Medical doctor Alana Hawley posted on the Skaha Bluffs Collective Facebook group: “URGENT: if you are currently in the bluffs please evacuate immediately. There is a rapidly evolving wildfire above heritage hills and we are evacuating local residents now. Please alert anyone you know who is currently in the bluffs.”

If you know folks planning on a trip to Skaha this week, maybe give them the heads up that the area will likely be closed for some time.

Update Aug. 19: A local Skaha climber whose home was less than 300 metres from the fire reported that the crag known as Shangri La was likely hit by the blaze. The crag is home to Sonnie Trotter’s Family Man 5.14 trad.