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Write a Love Letter to Your Climbing Gym

Allez Up in Montreal. The best looking gym in Canada?!

Do you love your climbing gym? Tell us why! Send us your love letter to a climbing gym and it might get published on our site for a series called “For the Love of Climbing Gyms.”

There are now over 80 climbing gyms across Canada. Some have been around since the 1990s (Rockheads, Coyote, The Edge, Cliffhanger, TCA, Horizon Roc, Allez-Up…), while some opened just this year (Blocs, Hub Climbing Mississauga, Délire Pierre-Bertrand). They all have much in common, but they all offer something unique. What do you love about yours?

Maybe you love the music, the route setting, the social scene or the chance to workout alone. Maybe you met a great friend or life partner there. Maybe you’re newly smitten, maybe you’re in a longterm relationship with your gym.

Whether your gym is small and cozy or big and busy; whether it’s your current gym or a gym you once climbed at; whether you go for fun or for work or both, let’s give some love to the spaces that are often like second homes.

For an example of a love letter to a gym, visit here.

Send your letter to Bonnie@gripped.com and Brandon@gripped.com for consideration. It can be light, it can be profound, it can be funny or serious, it can be short or long. Share the love of your climbing gym!*

*This was partly inspired by Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s The Love Lettering Project

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