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Alpine Rock Essentials

Get ready for the alpine rock climbing season with some of this year's best gear.

Ferrosi Windshirt – $110
Outdoor Research

This windshirt is perfect for mild alpine rock climbing conditions. The softshell fabric is very stretchy and accommodates the most extreme climbing movement while still retaining the necessary abrasion resistance required during chimneying. A deep front zip allows for easy venting and which can be supplemented with the single midheight side zipper. This construction ensures plenty of airflow without the movement-fighting stiffness often found on full front-zip garments. This is an exceptional climbing top and highly recommended.

Alpine Project WS Jacket – $270
The North Face

Built with a durable and stretchy Wind Stopper fabric the Alpine Project WS Jacket is a great option for cooler conditions. The jacket delivers excellent weather protection while still remaining breathable enough for challenging climbing. A simple tapered wrist cuff prevents unwanted drafts and the roomy hood makes chilly belays a little more comfortable.

Nozone 35 – $240

The lightweight Nozone 35 offers exactly what most alpine rock climbers want in a climbing pack. This stripped-down rig is surprisingly comfortable when carrying climbing gear to the base and can be further stripped for greater weight savings. Arcteryx uses a savvy selection of fabrics that offer excellent durability without unnecessary weight. This is a solid climbing pack for anyone heading into the alpine.

Equalizer – $30-35

With its beefy 16 mm Dyneema Monster webbing and reinforced full-strength end loops, the Equalizer is perfect for setting up complex anchors. But unlike other similar anchor slings, the Equalizer quickly folds into its small built-in pocket, eliminating the need coiling or tangles. This system works and is surprisingly effective for speeding up transitions at belays.

Ange S Finesse – $26

Petzl’s lightweight quickdraws are perfect on long alpine rock routes where minimizing weight can be difference between summiting or retreating. The lightweight 10 mm wide Dyneema sling is less bulky than heavier nylon options while the Ange S carabiner sheds unnecessary grams without compromising usability or strength. The biner’s unique single strand wire gate reduces the risk of unwanted gate flutter while the keylock nose prevents snagging on wires and webbing.