What’s New for Indoor Climbing

Staying fit for rock climbing during the winter has always come down to two options: take an extended road trip to a warm cragging destination or spend some time pulling down at the local gym. While most climbers would prefer the first option, the reality is that local gym is more convenient and won’t require living out of a van for four months. Here are a few items that can make that indoor training experience a little more pleasant this winter.

Brush Pack – $ 22

Tired of falling off of chalk-glazed problems? Then consider using the Revolution Brush Pack. The kit consists of five brushes (three nylon and one dual-sided horse and boar bristle) which almost guarantee holds can be cleaned to nearly-new condition. The small dual side brush with its wide, flat handle is particularly suited to taping to a stick to clean out-of-reach holds. Revolution’s small nylon brush is perfect for a chalk bag or general scrubbing. The unique dual-sided brush with its soft natural bristles is the ideal choice for maximum chalk removal. Finally, the large handle nylon brush is the go-to unit for oversized features. No more excuses for not sending.

Caddy – $40
The Caddy may be most innovative and functional rope bag currently made. Not only does it have a large rope-protecting tarp, but its stiffened, central pot allows for almost effortless packing of the rope. Simply grab the four corners and slide the cord into the pot – no more wrestling to stuff the rope into a bag. Ingenious.

Chalk Bag – $22

Built by a small independent company, the Organic Chalk bag is one of the few climbing soft good items still manufactured in America from American materials. But good materials and ethical construction practices are only part of the reason for owning Organic gear. When climbers also consider the impeccable construction and custom colour options, it’s clear that these are some of the best chalkbags available. Highly recommended.

Climber’s Hand Repair Balm – $5.95 1/2 oz., $9.95  1 oz.
Consisting of a special blend moisturising and antiseptic ingredients, the Climber’s Hand Repair Balm is ideal for soothing raw, plastic-shredded hands.

CX 680 Sports – $130

The endless laps on five- month old routes combined with some stuck-in-2001-techno music can make climbing gym workouts a mind numbing experience. Rather than suffer through another unproductive training session, consider tuning out these distractions with an iPod, a personal playlist and set of CX 680 earphones. What makes the CX 680s particularly suitable for climbing is their unique EarFin retention system that keeps the earphones in place even during dynamic movement. And thanks to Sennheiser’s earphone manufacturing expertise, these units deliver exceptional sound quality. Throw in an inline volume control and these are some of the best earphones for indoor training. Now if only someone could do something about those five-month old routes.

Roof Jug Set – $69

Teknik’s Roof Jug Set simplifies the set-up of any home gym.  The set contains some of Teknik’s most popular large holds – all with skin-friendly radii and durable polyurethane construction. Available from MEC, this set is the perfect gift for any winter cellar-dweller.

Tadasanna Capri – $65
The North Face
This lovely, low-on-the-hips-fitting capri offers women a bit more coverage and warmth during winter indoor training. Built with a soft and stretchy cotton fabric, the Tadasanna Capri feels great against the skin and allows full movement even on the most gymnastic boulder problems.