While many climbers can’t wait for winter and the chance to swing tools into freshly formed ice, some climbers are resigning themselves to another season of plastic pulling. Rather than view the forced indoor climbing season as a distasteful necessity, smart climbers take this opportunity to train and get fit for next season’s goals. Here are some products and that should keep climbers motivated during the long Canadian indoor climbing season.

Crag Pack – $85

Searching for a durable cragging/gym pack that can also be used when climbing long hard routes? Well stop looking, because the new Organic Crag Pack is a perfect option for these conditions. This burly, medium-sized bullet-style pack easily transports shoes, draws and other basic cragging gear and thanks to its sleek body-hugging shape it won’t get in the way when climbing. A full-strength haul loop guarantees peace-of-mind when hauling and the US made ballistic nylon fabric and triple stitched American craftsmanship ensure the Crag Pack survives any climbing adventure.  This is a great product from a small committed climbing company – highly recommended.

Fat Sloprs Set – $ 140
If you’re tired of burning off sloper boulder problems, consider training with Teknik’s new Fat Sloper set. Consisting of five large radius open-hand holds, these grips will improve the specific contact strength necessary for hanging on those seemingly insecure rounded features. Teknik’s fine grain texture ensures workouts are not cut short due to skin pain and the hold’s polyurethane material minimizes chipping or breaking. Perfect for challenging workouts on vertical to gently overhanging walls.

Se7en Deadly Sins – $ 45 – $ 99
Friction makes some of the best natural-shape climbing holds and this latest set only reaffirms their position as market leaders. The new grips are carved by legendary hold shaper Louie Anderson and blend realistic-looking weathering with finger friendly radii and hidden thumb catches. The result is a series of holds that look are challenging to onsight, easy on the skin and offer numerous grip options when bouldering. Get some.
Leda Pant – $ 60
In an industry where products are arbitrarily discontinued every few years, the Leda pants must hold some sort of record for continuous production and consumer success. Perhaps it’s the Leda’s unique physique-flattering patterning and their comfortable unrestrictive fit that drives the Leda’s continuing popularity. Whatever the reasons, these classic pants are a true must-have for any female climber and a testament to Verve’s uncompromising design vision.

Team 5.10 – $ 145
Five Ten

When Five Ten discontinued the V10 slipper, it raised a stink among a small, influential group of individuals that included climbers like Dave Graham, Paul Robinson, and Kevin Jorgeson. These folks loved the high-end performance of the V10s and were unhappy that the shoe was now gone. Seems that Five Ten listened to their concerns and while they did not keep the V10 in the line-up, they did introduce the new Team 5.10. Based on a shape similar to the successful Five Ten Dragon, the Team 5.10 uses a thinner sole made of Stealth Mystique rubber for exceptional sensitivity, durability and grip. The fit is vacuum snug with a medium volume forefoot and a deep secure heel.  Performance on steep rock and plastic is impressive as the shoe edges passable, frontpoints into pockets effortlessly and pulls on steep holds like another pair of hands. The aggressive camber delivers exceptional power when standing on small holds, although this comes at the expense of smearing on lower angle terrain – no problem as the Team 5.10s are not intended as slab climbing shoes. Thanks to the lined synthetic uppers and huge swaths of rubber over the toe and heel (perfect for tenuous hooking) the shoe will stretch very little, so avoid aggressive downsizing – half a size below street shoe is about the maximum recommended. Climbers looking for a no-compromise shoe optimized for steep climbing will love the Team 5.10.

CryptoChild Iron Palm Board – $ 99
SoIll is well known for its innovative holds but climbers often forget that they also produce a complete line of training boards. One of their more interesting models is the CryptoChild Iron Palm Board. Made with a durable urethane, this board includes two massive slopers, a set pinches and enough medium to small size holds for serious training. Another mandatory training tool from the devious mind of Jason Kehl.

3D Simulator – $79
As one of the first North American companies to ever build a hang board, Metolius understands what climbers need for serious training – the right size holds, a fine texture and finger friendly radii. The new 3D Simulator incorporates all these features and thanks to its CNC machined construction assures consistent hold-shapes and comfortable edges. A new curved shape minimizes shoulder stress while the tapered top-to-bottom shape provides forearm clearance during extended workouts. The best just got better.

Treadwall Kore -$4,500
Brewer’s Ledge

In an ideal world, all climbers would have access to a gym with enormous bouldering walls for strength training and long, variable-angle lead routes for building endurance. Finding an appropriate space for bouldering is not hard but tracking down a building with enough height for extended lead climbing or top roping is more difficult. And other than those lucky enough to take regular trips to Spain, most climbers simply give up trying to maintain any endurance fitness over the off-season. If only these climbers had access to a Treadwall Kore. With its 6’x9′ rotating wall and a fixed overhanging angle ranging from 25 to 35 degrees, the Treadwall Kore provides an unparalleled forearm bursting endurance workout – without the need for a belayer or costly trips to Europe. Simply bolt on some climbing holds and start climbing. The non-motorized rotating wall ensures a continuous workout that’s almost impossible to achieve on most vertical or overhanging walls. And unlike continuous traversing, the specificity derived from the Treadwall Kore is more applicable for climbing upwards. Consider getting one for the home or ask to have one installed at the local gym. -GA

Volumes (prices based on size and shape)
Delire Holds
The word big does not adequately describe the new climbing volumes from Delire -these things are massive. Bolt one to any exiting climbing wall and watch how it instantly attracts the attention of every climber. These large features allow for complex three-dimensional movement, which is often lacking from conventional flat climbing walls and will transform the local training scene.