New Carabiners

Edelrid HMS Strike Slider
$ 20

The HMS Strike Slider uses an ingenious locking mechanism that can be easily operated by either hand with a motion that is surprisingly similar to what’s used for opening a regular biner gate. The low-profile shape ensures minimal hang-ups on gear or slings making the HMS Strike Slider a top choice for belaying or gear-intensive stances. This is an innovative and effective locking biner.

Petzl Spirit
$ 9

The fact that it took Petzl over 20 years to release a new Spirit shows how great the original was; any new version would have to exceed the exceptional performance standards of the innovative Spirit. Well, climbers can rest easy because the new Spirit is definitely a step up from its namesake. The first obvious update is the new body shape that not only sheds weight without compromising strength, but also features superior body-geometry for easier clipping. The next obvious improvement is the purpose-specific, bent-gate shape that encourages the rope to drop into the biner – very smart and very functional. With all these updates, Petzl has succeeded in creating a Spirit that is able to carry on the high performance standards set by the original. Some things are worth waiting for.

Metolius GateKeeper Bravo
$ 18

The innovative GateKeeper Bravo carabiner combines a series of smart features making it a top choice for any belay biner situation. Most climbers will instantly notice the in-body wire gate that ensures the biner remains properly oriented preventing unwanted cross-loading.  What climbers may not initially see is that the biner’s body is forged in a shape that prevents the unwanted rotation and subsequent cross loading by assisted-braking belay devices. This is a well-designed and highly recommended belay biner.

Omega Pacific Lava Carabiner
$ 7

The hot-forged Lava carabiner delivers something relatively unheard of in today’s climbing market – uncompromising versatility. The biner’s ovalized D-Shape provides a high level of performance whether it’s used for racking or clipping. Omega uses a lightweight wire gate for easy clipping and the biner’s slightly asymmetric shape simplifies sorting out the top from the bottom. The Lava’s 34 g weight also avoids any tired discussions from gram-counting climbing partners. Finally, the biner’s unique pinched wire gate shape prevents snags with other gear and minimizes accidental opening when dragged against featured rock. This is a great all-around biner.