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A Selection of Hard Squamish Bouldering by Tom Peckitt

Watch sends of some of Squamish’s best bouldering problems. “The whole Squamish experience was like a dream come true,” said Tom Peckitt. “Aside from the world class climbing, I met some incredible people who quickly felt like family. I already miss them more than I could have imagined.” In this clip, Peckitt session Worm World Cave Low V10, No Troublems V10 flash, Resurrection V9 flash, Big Chicken V9, Summoning V12, Mantra V8 flash, Sesame Street V9, Frontside V12, The Furry V11 and Sushi Special V12.

U.K. climber Peckitt arrived in Squamish this spring and has been sending many of the hard problems. He told Climber, “Squamish is also a story of conditions. I’ve been lucky to have only a handful of rainy days in the past few weeks and some relatively cool temperatures. Conditions on the rock here can literally change from one minute to the next, where something can feel impossible to doable by a slight breeze.

“I think to climb the really hard stuff here though it’s felt a bit warm to get decent friction on really poor holds but maybe I’m just making excuses. I’ve been on a road trip in North America since January so I’ve had time to focus on climbing and try lots of different styles. However, there are striking similarities between the granite here and the UK grit which I cut my teeth on. Parallels can be drawn between the subtle techy style, condition dependant rock and intricate ways to grip holds. Read the full article and interview here.

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