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Adam Ondra Onsights 5.14+

In 2011, Adam Ondra went on an unstoppable onsight spree in northern Spain, managing a stunning five 5.14+ onsights. Five!

Bernardo Gimenez documents Ondra’s onsighting at the mega-crag of Oliana and he was fortunate enough to be rigged and ready when Ondra onsighted Mind Control 5.14+, a gorgeous, 40-metre tufa/colonette/pocket line that was soaking wet on top.

Gimenez had a pulley system set up and was able to capture the onsight in one single, flowing take, producing a truly unique record of one of the hardest sport-climbing onsights ever (it’s amazing to watch the mental gears turning as Ondra tries to quickly figure out a way to securely engage the wet colonette at the top).

None of Ondra’s pterodactyl shrieks of max-effort during this onsight, just cool, calculated climbing that belies the demands of the grade. It truly does look like he’s redpointing 5.12.