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Adam Ondra Repeats Geocache 5.15a in One Day

Adam Ondra has sent Alex Megos’ Geocache 5.15a in Frankenjura in only one day compared to the six Megos needed. Ondra wrote the following after his send, “Almost did it in a couple of tries in the short morning session, but punted really hard on the very top. Then I took a rest and sent it in the evening.

“Regarding to the grade, I agree with Alex that it is strange route most of all (even though it is very cool and fun to climb). And hard too, but how hard is the question. I am considering that the route fits my style, being tall helps a tiny bit and I feel in a good shape, I guess 9a+ could be OK. But conditions were rather humid, even though it was not 30 degrees as the previous day.”

Alex Megos said after the first ascent, which took 40 tries, that the route might be easier that he graded for a taller climber. After his send in 2014, Megos said, “If it weren’t for that one move the route would be quite straightforward, but it’s there and that’s what made Geocache so different for me. It’s not an extreme route, just really bizarre.”

Six months ago, Ondra repeated Megos’ Modified 5.15a at Frankenjura in a couple of tries. Watch the send below.

Adam Ondra – Modified from Asu on Vimeo.