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Alaska Season Starts Early With New Mount Dickey Route

John Frieh, Chad Diesinger and Jason Stuckey have climbed a new route on the northeast face of Mount Dickey.

Mount Dickey's northeast face with A: No Such Thing as a Bargain and B: Blue Collar Beatdown.  Photo John Frei
Mount Dickey’s northeast face with both of John Frieh’s new routes. A: No Rest for the Wicked / B: Blue Collar Beatdown. Photo John Freih

On March 20 and 21, the three alpinists established Blue Collar Beatdown V WI4 M4 that required 48 hours of climbing, minus a few hours of recovering.

John Frieh’s website

Frieh wrote on his Facebook page, “This is my second first Ascent on Mount Dickey and my ninth ‘first’ in Alaska in the past six years. My thanks to those that played a role in this journey.”

In 2014, Frieh and John Roskelly climbed the new route No Rest for the Wicked IV+ AI6 M7 on the West Witches Tit in southeast Alaska.

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