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Alex Megos sends Action Directe

Alex Megos needed only two hours to redpoint the world’s first 5.14d, first climbed by Wolfgang Gullich in 1991.

The Frankenjura route has stood the test of time and is consider the “must do” for climbers pushing the grade. Frankenjura reported Megos had only watched a few videos of the climb before attempting it.

Over a year ago, Megos made the world’s first 5.14d onsight on Estado Critico in Siurana, he has also onsighted a 5.14c. He has established a number of 5.14s and a 5.15a, Wheelchair in Australia and another, Classified, in Frankenjura.

Wolfgang Gullich on Action Directe
Wolfgang Gullich on Action Directe  Photo “Climbing in the 80s”