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Alex Megos Sends Hard Boulder Problem

Alex Megos is one of the world’s strongest climbers and on his recent trip to Japan proved he’s just getting started.

Megos was climbing in Kanoto, Japan with Yuji Hirayama and sent a number of testpiece problems.

Megos wrote on Facebook, “What a day! Went out for bouldering with Yuji and climbed his problems Mutante V11, Full Charge V12, Open Up V11 and that Syuu, a one move V11, and as cherry on top the full line Orochi graded V15. Felt maybe a little easier to me. Super psyched.”

Orochi V15 was first climbed by Dai Koyamada in 2006. Megos only needed two hours to send the hard route.

According to 8a.nu, Megos is in Japan for two more days and then he’s off to Australia.