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Alex Megos sends “strange” new route

Alex Megos is one of the strongest climbers making the headlines these days. On Sept. 10, he climbed two 5.14ds and sent his longest project.

In 2001, Chris Sharma sent Realization which was one of the first 5.15as (some argue that Alex Huber’s 1994 route La Rambla was the first definitive 5.15a). In July 2014, Megos repeated the route in only three burns.

Three months later, Megos has sent his longest running project and called it Geocache. A number of media sources report that on Sept. 10, Megos put the final pieces together of the route which took him six days and 40 attempts.

As reported on U.K. climbing, Megos said, “it’s not a really hard, just a bit strange.” On the same day, Megos made his fourth ascent of Action Directe 5.14d and an ascent of Sundance Kid 5.14d.

One Week with Alex Megos

Source: U.K. climbing, Planet Mountain