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Ancient Art

Ancient Art is one of the most recognizable sandstone formations in the desert and its corkscrew summit is climbed more-often than any other Fisher Tower. If you have not stood on top, put it on your list.

Ancient Art is a four summit tower in the Fisher Towers near Moab. The summits of the Fisher Towers are spectacular. The towers are formed from the Cutler Sandstone which are capped with the Moenkopi Formation. The Cutler Sandstone is some of the hardest sandstone in Utah. There is often layer of loose mud all the way up and down the towers. The conglomerate below the towers is not solid.


The Hippie Route to the North Summit was climbed June 1967 by Herbie Hendricks and Dennis Willis.

The Stolen Chimney Route climbs to the top of the Corkscrew Summit in April 1969 by Bill Roos and Paul Sibley.

The Purebred Route climbs to the Middle Summit and was climbed in April 1971 by Harvey Carter, Dave Erickson and Ken Wyrick.

The Adjacent Art Route climbs to the Kient Art Summit and was climbed in April 1996 by Pete Takeda and Eric Kohl.



Ancient Art base jumper photo Keith Ladzinski
Ancient Art’s Corkscrew Summit Photo Keith Ladzinski

Autumn Sunset Rock Climbing Ancient Art from Brody Leven on Vimeo.