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Apollo is Fun Looking New Rockies Alpine Ridge

The Canadian Rockies has a relatively new alpine ridge for those looking for a fun day out up 10-pitch 5.9.

Apollo climbs the south ridge of Mount Hector, the left skyline when viewed when driving east towards Lake Louise.

Mark Klassen spent eight days over three summers establishing the climb with various partners. He uploaded a top-of-the-line pdf topo that you can find here. (If the file does not work, join the Facebook group TABVAR to find the original download link here.)

In 2015, he noted that he climbed pitches one to four with Carla Demyen and Aaron Beardmore. The following year he climbed with Margie Smith and Tim Johnson up to the top of pitch five. Then this summer with Marco Deleselle and Mike Stuart, he completed the route on Sept. 6.

“I first envisioned this climb while working at the Lake Louise Ski Area in 1988/89 but I did not actually investigate the route until a ski tour in April 2014,” said Klassen.

“In the summer of 2015 I walked to the base and decided to begin working on it. Although I first envisioned the route I would never have got up it without the help of everyone else who participated.”

It was climbed ground up and some pitches were cleaned and bolted top down after being skirted to the sides. The climb is close to the now classic Achilles Spire on Mount Andromache.

Apollo climbs the ridge left of centre on Mount Hector

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