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Big Bouldering Days for Aarden and Ruana

As we head into mid-December, it seems rock climbing temperatures can be found in many places around North America.

On Vancouver Island, Marcel Aarden had a big weekend of sends. In the Duncan Boulders, he climbed Turtle Island V6, Accelerator V8, Noah’s Arete V7, and Karmasutra V10 in the picture by Julia Bobak below.

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On Sendage.com, Aarden wrote the following about Karmasutra: “Went down in one sesh. Good temps certainly helped. First move is awesome.

“Went back for a photo victory burn and broke the left hand hold you bump too unfortunately. Still goes, just have to bump to the top of the flake now. Might be a little harder.”

Drew Ruana visited the Gold Bar boulders in Washington and put down some hard climbs.

He noted on Instagra, “I managed sends of Toebriosity V12, Hagakure V12, Hagakure Low V13, All of the Above V12, Chutzpah V10,and The Engineer V9. One of the best climbing days of my life.”

Other hard sends included Andrew Funk’s Almost Famous V9 in Squamish. Nathan Hall has continued his sending spree with ticks of Squaminator V11 and The Drowning Grip V11.

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