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Nancy Hansen and Ralf Dujmovits Prepare for Unclimbed 7,000-metre Karakorum Peaks

Nancy Hansen is one of Canada’s leading expedition climbers, with big trips to the Himalayas and Alaska over the past few years. She will be teaming up with Ralf Dujmovits, one of Germany’s most accomplished mountaineers and the only German to climb all 8,000 m peaks, for attempts on two peaks over 7,000 metres in the Karakorum mountain range in Pakistan. The first is the often-attempted Gasherbrum VI, which is also called Chochordin Peak and stands between 6,979 m and 7,004 m. The other is Praqpa Ri, a peak that stands between 7,134 m and 7,156 m that has no recorded attempts.

[shareprints gallery_id=”17356″ gallery_type=”thumb_slider” gallery_position=”pos_center” gallery_width=”width_100″ image_size=”large” image_padding=”0″ theme=”dark” image_hover=”false” lightbox_type=”slide” titles=”true” captions=”true” descriptions=”true” comments=”true” sharing=”true”]Hansen and Dujmovits have received the 2016 Shipton/Tilman Award and MEC Expedition Grant for their climbs. Hansen is the only person to have climbed 46 routes in the popular book Fifty Classic Climbs of North America. She is one of the few to have climbed the 54 peaks over 11,000 feet in the Rockies and she climbed the Kallen 34 on Yamnuska. They plan to post to their Instagram accounts everyday, you can link to them in the photos below.

When asked where I train for rock climbing at home I always reply: At the world’s most beautiful climbing crag – the “Battert”. Whenever the weather allows and we are home Nancy and I go to this very traditional climbing area high above Baden-Baden / Northern Black Forest, 20 minutes from our home. More than 400 routes up to 60 meters provide adventurous climbing. The guidebook has icons for each route – the ones that really catch your attention are the airplane and wheelchair icons! The often sparsely-placed bolts can sometimes be supplemented by gear, like in the photo below of Nancy climbing eight metres above her last bolt. Climber: @nancyjhansen Belayertothestar: our good climbingbud Arno Linder #️⃣: #climbing #rockclimbing #klettern #grimper #baden #badenbaden #badenwürttemberg #climbingtraining #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #blackforest #schwarzwald #nancyjhansen #trainhard #lovelowa #escalade #steep #climbinggirl #ralfdujmovits #mountains #rocks #escalada #escaladadeportiva #climbing_is_my_passion #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climbinggirls #justgoclimb #tryhard #c_l_i_m_b @women.rock.climbing #womenrockclimbing #climbing_is_my_passion #climblikeagirl

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