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Carlo Traversi’s V14, 5.14 and 14er Colorado Day

This short film from Black Diamond is about Carlo Traveri challenging himself to climb a V14, 5.14 and 14,000-foot mountain in one day.

Traversi wrote in a story here, “The 3 a.m. alarm felt like a nightmare, especially after heightened nerves made for restless sleep.

“The weight of the day ahead made it feel almost impossible to put my feet on the floor and stand up.

“After spending the previous weeks focusing so much on the challenge as a whole, on the morning of Sept. 5, 2016, it was time to narrow the focus on only the things that mattered each moment.

“It started with putting some clothes on. Easy. Done. Then eating some food. Then getting in the car and starting the drive. A difficult day is made of a million easy decisions and tasks.