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Climbers Summit Everest

A weather window has allowed a number of climbers to stand on top of the world’s highest peak. As more climbers prepare for an attempt, snows and high wind compromise their climb.

South Side

Chinese Wang Jing and five Sherpas made the summit up the Nepalese normal route. The team had flown to camp two, many people will argue the legitimacy of the ascent.

North Side

From the Tibetan side, 15 climbers who are part of a Russian expedition reached the summit during a small snow storm.

German climber Ralf Dujmovits is in position to attempt the summit from camp three, but conditions are not ideal at the time.

Hungarian David Klein turned around on the northeast ridge, he started too late and was attempting the route without bottled oxygen.

Romanian Horia Colibaseanu and the Slovak Peter Hámor, also turned around, both were without bottled oxygen.

The north route from Tibet
The north route from Tibet