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Weekend Stoker: Watch Dani Arnold Solo Big Swiss Ice WI7

Dani Arnold has soloed a big ice climb in Switzerland called Beta Block Super on Breitwangfluh.

Planetmountain.com reported about the climb that took place on Christmas Eve above the town of Kandersteg.

Looking down during solo Photo Dani Arnold

The strong 33-year-old all-rounder had never climbed the 300-metre WI7 in just over an hour.

He climbed the test-piece route with a photographer, his friend Valentin Luthiger, who was on ropes.

He wrote the following on his blog, which Planetmountain.com translated as: “Why did I do this? One of the hardest and most dangerous climbs in the Alps, climbed without a rope a so quickly?

“It’s hard to find an answer and even now, a few days after my ascent, I still really don’t know why. One thing is certain though: doing it one day was my huge goal and dream.

“I don’t want to downplay the risk and the enormous danger, I also love my life. But I also love my dreams and ideas. And that’s why it was important to me and I’m proud of it. Full stop.” See photos here.

In 2015, he soloed Matterhorn in one-hour and 46 minutes and the north face of the Eiger in two hours and 28 minutes.