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Daniel Martian Climbs New Ontario 5.14 at Lion’s Head

Daniel Martian is one of Ontario’s leading climbers with repeat sends of some of the province’s hardest routes. He just made the first ascent of Tour de Lion 5.14b at Lion’s Head. He wrote after on 8a.nu, “Link-up between Maxi Pista 5.13c and Lion’s Head Express 5.14a, but mega-good. Some of the best steep rock and movement at Lion’s Head.

Tentatively rated 5.14b but it will need to be confirmed. Started to work on it four seasons ago but committed the last two seasons. Lots and lots of tries until I brought this beautiful stone down to my level.” Tour de Lion is the hardest route in the Titan Area.

Martian is also one of the area’s leading developers. He once ran a marathon after a lap of Titan 5.14a. Martian has a number of other first ascents to his name on the wall including Hotel Bennell 5.14a, which combines Titan and Martian’s route The Man in Me 5.13d.

He also established Mini Me 5.13c, Lion’s Head Express 5.14a and Atlas Shurgged 5.14a. he started climbing in the late ’80s and sent his first 5.14 in 2003. Maxi Pista was developed by Gus Alexandropoulos starting in 1997 and sent it in 2001.

The routes in the Titan Area from right to left are: Madding Crowd 5.11b, Atlas Shrugged 5.14a, Titan 5.14a, Man in Me 5.13d, Waveguiding 5.10b, Drunken Master 5.13b, Living on the Edge 5.13d, Dr. Zaius 5.12c, No Depression 5.11d, Bat Man 5.12d, Lion’s Head Express 5.14a, Maxi Pista 5.13c and Tour de Lion 5.14b.

Aidas Odonelis wrote in the Gripped article Older, Stronger and Harder: “In the opinion of Ontario-based climber Daniel Martian, the proliferation of hard climbing has had a significant effect on the breakdown of the aura previously associated with difficult routes.

‘The mental barrier of climbing routes that were considered hard 10-15 years ago was broken so lots of climbers of all ages do harder routes these days. These keep more climbers inspired and motivated. Climbing hard became more popular.'” Below is a photo of Lucas Uchida flashing Maxi Pista by Mike Penney, which shows the area of Martian’s new Tour de Lion 5.14b.