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Daniel Woods Climbs New 5.14c in Colorado

Daniel Woods is one of the world’s top-five boulderers, but doesn’t shy away from roping up for new routes.

In Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado, the powerful climber made the first ascent of Nomadic Freaks 5.14c at the Nomad Cave.

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“Line starts off doing The Wheel of Fortune V13 to a good rest,” said Daniels on Instagram, “then climbs Jump 5.13d.

“The last move on Jump is a wild throw to an aggressive full-pad edge. feeling that power and resistance starting to creep back in.”

Woods began climbing at the age of five in Dallas, Texas. In 1997, when he was eight years old, his family moved to Longmont, Colorado. Woods then began competing and was part of a junior climbing team coached by Justin Sjong and Jimmie Redo.

To date, Woods has climbed three V16s: Creature from the Black Lagoon (first ascent), The Process (first ascent) and Hypnotized Minds (first ascent). He has climbed 25 V15s.

Woods has also climbed two 5.15a sport routes with Thor’s Hammer and Papichulo.

This is a good start to 2018 for Woods, who had a crappy 2017. Read below about his year of ups and downs.

Soooo 2k17 was my worst year to date. Year started off with being an idiot and getting a dui followed by a divorce followed by an mcl injury. karma was not on my side to say the least. I believe that things happen for a reason in ones life whether it has a positive or negative outcome. Luck was on my side for many years, so it was time for me to be tested. I went through a rollercoaster of emotions that at times I fully did not understand. My darkside was present and I had not faced it before. I grew further from my true identity and let the film of black cover my eyes. I did not feel love anymore, just resentment and hate. Confused with how to get out of this state of mind I began to worry if this feeling was forever. It wasn’t though, I just had to start with feeling love from within again. We all have the power to do incredible things in this life. We all have both light and dark sides in us. without loving ourselves first it is impossible to go out and show people our true self. Out of all the hard ascents that I’ve climbed during this lifetime and comps that I’ve won, this year has been my greatest feat so far. I’ve learned to take control back of my head and to feel love again. So fuck you 2k17 but also thank you 🙏 for putting me to the test so I can enter 2k18 as my true self. wish everyone out there a happy new year and positive vibez going into next year 🙌

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