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Daniel Woods finds new V13 in Peru

American boulderer Daniel Woods has established a new boulder problem while on vacation in Peru.

On Sept. 24, Woods updated his social media with, “En route to Hatu Machai. Nice sunset to look at while surviving the seven-hour drive into the mountains. Psyched to see this place.”

One day later, he posted on his Instagram that he had climbed a new new V13 that he was calling Apu, which means spirit of the mountains.

Woods said, “There are only a few established boulders at this high-altitude area of 4,300 metres. I found this perfect 45-degree roof with perfect crimps going out it. After a while of figuring out a sequence that worked, I was able to make the first ascent calling the line Apu v13. You really feel the altitude while climbing. I think this is the highest elevation boulder problem that I have put up. psyched to return back and explore this area some more.”