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Everest Climbers Conned by Guides

A Nepali trekking agent has disappeared after collecting nearly $100,000 from a group of climbers.

One Indian and eight Greek climbers told The Himalayan Times newspaper that a Kathmandu-based climbing company had ran off with their Everest money.

The climbers said Tshering Dorjee Sherpa of Himalayan Alpine Treks and Expeditions collected two payments – one of $87,000 and the other $12,400. Himalayan Alpine Treks and Expeditions was to help them reach the Everest summit from the Chinese side.

The Greek climbers had returned home, but the Indian woman wanted to try the mountain while also looking for her money.

“I want my money back,” Chandana Pradhan said. “It’s the lifelong earnings of my father.” Nepali police said a manhunt had been launched to locate the agent.

China charges foreign climbers $7,200 for an Everest climbing permit.

The climbing season began in late-March and 347 climbers have already reached the Everest Basecamp area.

As unfortunate as loosing all that money is, sometimes in the mountains these things are a blessing in disguise.

Illustration by John Lund
Illustration by John Lund