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Fall in the Bugaboos: Alpine mixed!

The Bugaboos in eastern B.C. had one of their busiest summers and it seems the rush isn’t over yet.

Bryce Brown, Juan Henriquez and Jorge Ackermann recently climbed Perma Grin M5, WI4R, D+ on the South Howser Tower. Brown wrote on his social media, “The route certainly lived up to its name.” The route was first climbed in October 2002 by Sean Isaac, Scott Semple and Brian Webster. The seven-pitch route has only seen a handful of ascents.

Colin Haley and Dylan Johnson also climbed a route on the South Howser Tower this fall, The Big Hose M5, WI4, 5.9, D+. Haley wrote about the route, “Respect to Jon Krakauer for establishing the route, solo, back in the 70s. It definitely felt special to be climbing in the Bugaboos with no one else around, and with fresh snow making all the peaks prettier.” The seven-pitch route was first climbed in 1978 solo by Jon Krakauer and has had a number of ascents.

Mount Alberta’s North Face climbed in 2014

Before heading into the Bugaboos, Haley spent most of September climbing the limestone peaks of the Rockies. After soloing the East Ridge of Temple, he made a solo attempt on Robson’s Emperor Ridge, but turned around because of bad conditions.

A few weeks later, he was back with Dylan Johnson for a 14-hour car-to-car trip up the North Ridge of Mount Assiniboine.

There will surely be more sends in the Bugaboos and the Rockies this season.

For conditions in the Rockies, visit the MCR

Check out these photos by Brown and Haley:

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