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Film: Norwegian Expedition to Trango Pulpit

This film is about two separate Norwegian ascents of the Trango group in the Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan.

The east face of Great Trango was first climbed (to the East Summit) in 1984 by the Norwegians Hans Christian Doseth and Finn Dæhli, who both died on the descent.

In June 1999, four Norwegian climbers (Robert Caspersen, Gunnar Karlsen, Per Ludvig Skjerven, and Einar Wold) set out to climb the unclimbed northeast and north faces of the Trango group (Trango Pulpit, 6,050 m). The team reported difficulties up to A4 5.11. The climb was completed after 35 days of consecutive climbing. The climbers survived the return to base camp after 48 rappels and three days without food.