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Hard Sends on Big Show by Jared Nelson

Jared Nelson put down two of the West Coast’s most classic 5.14s over the last month, both on the Big Show wall in Cheakamus Canyon north of Squamish.

First was Pulse, Canada’s first-ever 5.14a in June. After his send, he noted, “Projecting can take a toll on you physically and mentally.

@kinclimbing working his 2 year project! He getting super close! So stoked to be climbing with him again

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“Ideally you will constantly make progress until the day you send, but it’s not like that, you have bad days and the doubt slips into your mind. Luckily this route is so fun it never seemed like a chore to throw myself at it repeatedly.

“Yesterday I was able to clip the chains on the route that I’ve put more effort into than any other, the route that has consumed my thoughts and the first route in Canada to be graded 5.14 Pulse! Thanks for the catches and the good vibes!!”

A few weeks later, Nelson put down Revival 5.14b on Big Show, his first at the grade.

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