Hey Climbers, Sorry But We Can’t Rock Climb Yet

During the global pandemic and national lockdown, everyone is being asked to practice patience and stay off the rocks

April 16th, 2020 by | Posted in Profiles, Rockies, Routes |

This is the longest I’ve gone without ice or rock climbing in over 20 years, even with injuries I’ve been lucky to have the ability to at least go top-rope some easy routes. Like most of you, I live and breathe climbing, establishing routes and the community that comes with it. And over the years, I’ve learned that climbing is more than a sport, it’s therapy that provides peace of mind for the millions who do it – we just can’t right now.

I’ve been staying home, not because I can’t go rock climbing, but because I shouldn’t. It’s not fair to those who want to but can’t and it’s downright mean to the healthcare workers who asked us to stay home. While coronavirus might not be at your doorstep, it’s having a devastating impact on our society and nearly every community in Canada and around the world is dealing with it in some way.

I know that many Canadians live in small communities with crags, but we have to fight the urge to visit them and respect all closures. We’re all in this together. Personally, I would feel like a jerk going climbing knowing that my friends aren’t able to because of regional lockdowns in their area. Please don’t rock climb until we’re given the go ahead from health officials. For some stoke, check out these rad videos.