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Jimmy Webb Sends Dreamtime V15 in Switzerland

Jimmy Webb has climbed Dreamtime V15 at Crexciano in Switzerland. Webb had been climbing in Fontainebleau but left due to rain.

Dreamtime was established by Fred Nicole in 2000 as possibly the world’s first V15. But its original state was claimed to have been altered by extensive wire brushing and it was downgraded to V14 after Malcolm Smith’s 2004 send.

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In 2009, a hold broke and it was regraded to V15. Webb, one of the world’s top boulderers, wrote on Instagram, “Four years ago I spent countless days trying this thing and was never able to put it to rest.

“It was a massive mental and physical battle for me and it killed me to not be able to complete it.

“Fast forward now four years and with a different perspective I was able to complete the line on my first day back.

“Words can’t really describe the feeling of topping out something on your life list and I had to sit there for a while and reflect on what this single rock meant to me.”

Watch the second ascent in 2001 by Bernd Zangerl when it was still considered V15.