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Kilian Jornet Distracted on Exposed Norway Ridge

Kilian Jornet is one of the world’s best mountain runners and in this video carried some skis with him, which we don’t get to see him use. Jornet, 29, makes fast work of the East Ridge at Kyrkjetaket in Romsdalen, Norway.

He gets away with a few near misses on the big and exposed climbing. We can chalk this up to distracted ridge walking.

At 3:12, while carrying a large selfie-stick, he has a small slip up that led many online to comment with things like: “Kilian please don’t carry a GoPro on your hand while climbing or fix it to your helmet. We can see you from the drone, too. Yes the images are cool, but your life is more important than them.”

Jornet has set speed records summiting the likes of Mounts Kilimanjaro and Denali. This May, he climbed Mount Everest in just over 26 hours.

For you youngsters out there, don’t carry selfie sticks with you up mountains if it jeopardizes your safety.

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