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La Rambla Repeated, Again

Siurana’s La Rambla is the most climbed 5.15a in climbing, Daniel Jung recently made the 12th ascent.

Sangwon Son from Seoul, South Korea, made the ninth ascent of the route in Dec. 2013.  Alex Huber made the first ascent in 1994, and it was repeated nine years later by Ramón Julián Puigblanque in 2003, after nearly fifty tries. Huber’s original 1994 route ending at a set of chains, but Puigblanque linked the route to another and is known as La Rambla extension. Huber gave his line 5.14c, Puigblanque upgraded Huber’s original La Rambla to 5.15a, the short seven-metre extension did not increase the grade, which makes La Rambla the first 5.15a ever climbed, many years before Chris Sharma’s Realization, 5.15a.

The German 30-year-old Daniel Jung attempted La Rambla in 2013, returning in 2014 he made relatively quick progress. It is his first 5.15a.

Ascents since Puigblanque’s extension:

  • Edu Marín Garcia in 2006
  • Chris Sharma in 2006 – a day after Edu Marín
  • Andreas Bindhammer in 2007
  • Patxi Usobiaga in 2007 – after nine tries
  • Adam Ondra in 2008 – after five tries
  • Enzo Oddo in 2011
  • Felix Neumärker in 2013
  • Alexander Megos in 2013 – on his second attempt
  • Sangwon Son in 2013
  • Daniel Jung in 2014
Daniel Jung on La Rambla  Source Jung's Blog
Daniel Jung on La Rambla Source Jung’s Blog

Source: 8a.nu, Daniel Jung