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Laura Rogora Sends The Bow 5.15a

And a list of her hardest sends up to 5.15b

Laura Rogora has sent Stefano Ghisolfis’s The Bow 5.15a in Padaro, Italy, for the route’s second ascent. Ghisolfi made the first ascent earlier this year. It’s a linkup of two existing routes that he first sent in 2017: Fine di un’epoca 5.13+ and Omen Nomen 5.14d.

“Quite impressive, probably one of the best female achievements ever,” said Ghisolfi on 8a.nu. “I think the route is extremely hard. I think, she used similar beta on the crux with some adjustments for her height. I also gave her some advice and betas.”

In July, the Olympic-qualifed athlete won the Briancon World Cup ahead of Janja Garnbret.

The 19-year-old Italian crusher moved to Arco earlier this year to be closer to hard climbs. This year, she is one of the world’s most impressive sport climbers over the past year with over 10 routes from 5.14+ to 5.15b.

Rogora’s Top Sends

Grandi Gesti 5.14d, Spain, March 2016
Tomorrowland extension 5.14+ FA, Cueva di Collepardo, November 2016
Supercrack 5.14c/5.14d FA, Cueva di Collepardo, December 2016
La Gasparata 5.14c/5.14d FA, Cueva di Collepardo, January 2017
Joe-cita, Oliana 5.14d, Spain, February 2017
Sitting Bull 5.14c/5.14d FA, Cueva di Collepardo, April 2018
Rèveille-toi 5.14d FA, Cueva di Collepardo, June 2019
Esclatamasters 5.14d, Perles [ca], Spain, January 2019
La Bongada 5.14d, Margalef, Spain, January 2020
Pure Dreaming Plus 5.15a, Arco, Italy, 30 May 2020
The Bomb 5.14d, Rodellar, Spain, July 2020
Ali Hulk Sit Extension Total 5.15b, Rodellar, Spain, July 2020

The Bow First Ascent