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McColl attempts Ben Moon’s Hubble

What do a space telescope and a rock wall in the Peak District in England have in common? Not only are they both reminiscent of a concave mirror – they are also both called “Hubble”. Well, the rock wall really isn’t, but a route on it is. It is one of the most famous climbing routes in Great Britain. This spring Mammut Pro Team athlete Sean McColl discovered, that Ben Moon’s classic climb is a hard nut to crack.

When “young hot shot” Ben Moon, just 23 years old, tried out the Hubble route for the first time in 1989, he didn’t quite realize what he was in for. The route line existed already, but the first two bolts were conquered by hook-climbing. Climbing these first few metres freely was the great challenge.

Then, in June of 1990, the conditions were finally appropriate. Ben managed the long-desired passage of Hubble, his most difficult climb ever. It took him eight days in total. Ben remembers: “This route was so much more difficult than anything I did before. I classified Hubble as E9/7b.” Mammut athlete Sean McColl had trouble climbing Hubble as well.


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