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Mount Everest New Route Attempt Underway

Cory Richards and Esteban “Topo” Mena are attempting a new route up the northeast face of Mount Everest via a route that Canadian Raphael Slawinski and team once planned to climb in 2015. Read about Slawinski’s attempt here.

Richards and Topo have reached the summit a number of times combined, never together. They flew from Colorado to Tibet on April 11, nearly a month ago, and are currently at the base of their new route.

The new route follows a couloir and the new route would be nearly 3,000 metres from valley to summit. They plan to enter the couloir at 6,500 metres, climbs 1,700 metres of moderate snow to reach 8,100 metres and the final 300-metre couloir. They think there will be some M4 climbing, which will feel very hard at that elevation.

The Line

Update May 1

Topo Mena gave the following update: Today, Richard and I touched 7,000m and connected the first pieces of this puzzle we are starting to put our hands on. The scale is massive and intimidating, but we feel good with the process of wrapping our heads around all the challenges of this adventure (the ones we knew before coming and the ones that are just unveiling).

The weather in the next week is limiting our options so let see what inspiration and luck bring on the next days, oh boy!