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Nalle Climbs His First “Real” Multi-Pitch

When Beat Kammerlander established the route Silbergeier 5.14a in 1993, it is unlikely he ever expected it to become the multi-pitch route of choice for climbing’s bouldering clan.

Epic TV wrote, “In recent years, despite its technical, slabby style and sparse bolting, the line has seen numerous ascents from climbers more commonly in the news for their efforts closer to the ground.”

Hukkataival and Megos climb Silbergeier

In 2014 the route was climbed by Wiz Fineron, Fabian Buhl and as shown in this video, Finnish powerhouse Nalle Hukkataival. For most people, selecting the six-pitch Silbergeier as their first multi-pitch would be near crazy, but Nalle’s skill and prowess saw him top out the Rätikon’s most famous line after a mere four days of effort.