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Nanga Parbat Search Moves to Kinshofer Route

Tom Ballard and Daniele Nardi are still missing on Nanga Parbat where they went missing above camp three on Feb. 24 when they were last heard from.

Anna Piunova of russianclimb.com has updated everyone on the status of the ongoing search: The rescue team led by Alex Txikon searched the Mummery Spur this morning and managed to get up to Camp-II. Although the idea was to get up to Camp-III, the plan was dropped given the very low temperature and a very high risk of avalanches. The rescue team thus stayed at Camp-II and reportedly used drones to facilitate the search; however no sign of climbers was detected.

“Given the conditions over Camp-II, it was decided to descend to the Base Camp and the team safely reached the BC this afternoon. It has been decided by the search team to explore the Kinshofer route (left to the Mummery Spur) tomorrow morning. The Kinshofer route is equipped with ropes fixed to the wall and could have been potentially chosen by Daniele and Tom to descend. The hope remains.”

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