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New Quebec Mixed Route at La Montagne du Coq

Pascal Simard and Jean-Mickael Blais have climbed a new 120-metre mixed route at Quebec’s La Montagne du Coq. 

Simard and Blais’s new route is called De Bonne Heure Su’l Piton (Early Risers and the Pin) and is a 120-metre M6R.

Approach and area info

Simard wrote on Andriy Kolos’s Ontario ice conditions page: This route heads up the steep terrain in the middle of the big crag. The start of the route is below a fixed pin five metres off the ground – it’s been attempted before for sure, but we didn’t see any more signs of passage on the route, nor at the top. It took us three attempts. The third pitch was a battle. It had bad ice and poor gear. It’s the crux, but also the most beautiful. Fantastic actually. a dry tooling roof, escaping left from an iced chimney. Please someone repeat it, it’s not that hard.”

More Quebec Ice

Simard and Blais’s on De Bonne Heure Su’l Piton Photo from Kolos.ca