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New Rockies WI6 Pillar Climbed

Despite it being March, ice climbing season is far from over. Across Canada, cool temps are keeping climbs in prime shape.

On March 10, 2015, Maury Perreault, Scott Stenz and Tim Banfield traveled along Commonwealth Creek, up to Smuts Pass, down to Birdwood Lakes, up the unnamed pass to the south and angled their way down skiers right towards Birdwood Creek, where they were able to traverse into the unclimbed pillar climb without going all the way down into the creek.

“The lower half of the pillar is free standing from a large roof. There were two partly healed fractures and a well supported ice base,” said Perreault. “The upper half of the pillar offered slightly better ice and less technical, but remained strenuous. Short but stiff.”

They named their new 30-metre route A Pass Too Far WI6.

Ice Too Far Rockies WI6
A Pass Too Far WI6 in the Rockies. Photo Maury Perreault